Pay per question or project

Pay Per Question

Paying per question is simple, fast and secure. This service provides quick technical answers on a range of HR and employee and labor relations topics, like guidance on matters related to collective bargaining contract administration and grievance processing to the Family Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Americans with Disabilities Act processes and requirements.

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Pay Per Project

Our full suite of service of options allows us or our affiliated partners to work on any HR and employee relations project, including all traditional functions and IT support.

Some of our most rewarding work has been in thoroughly and dramatically changing workplaces with poor operations, lousy cultures, low morale, union issues (including collective bargaining negotiations) and low employee expectations. Some say if we had a reality show it would be called Work Rescue; like the show Bar Rescue, where an expert uses his experience to transform struggling bars into vibrant and profitable enterprises.  Having this experience will help you in assessing your enterprise’s status, and what needs to be done to create the workplace environment and results you want.

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